Laboratories - "Semiconductor Devices and Analog Electronics"

The lab is in the room 013 in Polanka building

You can find below the instructions for consecutive laboratories. Please read them carefully before each lab and gather the necessary information. Please study the schematics, in order not to be surprised during the lab by unexpected questions.

Semiconductor Devices and Analog Electronics:

Introduction, filters and diode circuits
Bipolar transistor circuits
JFET transistor circuits
Operational Amplifier circuits
Wein bridge oscillator
Function generator

Additional materials:

BC 550 transistor datasheet
BF 245 transistor datasheet
uA741 opamp datasheet
1n4148 diode datasheet
TL081 opamap datasheet
CNY17 IC datasheet
BS 170 transistor datasheet

Even more additional materials:

Opamp - introduction
Opamp - various circuits